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"I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full" - Jesus (John 10:10)


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The 2014 Adventure Story

2014 - The year of adventure, in a different way. It was not a year of discovering new places or cultures, yet one of extraordinary happenings. It was an adventure story of not knowing what comes next, being open and experiencing inner change. I smile as I read January's post as it's just how this year unfolded! I was privileged to facilitate and be part of the leadership team that birthed our first Lead n Link Women's Conference here in Savannah and sharing for the first time my story for Him. Now we're working on the second conference to be held in February 2015. I had no idea this would all transpire - what fun and such a rich joy to experience. Personal Growth and being more than I have ever been, became my hearts desire and prayer. I desired His will for my life, not my own and this unchartered territory opened the door to an unexpected adventure where my security, well laid out plans and ideas were removed. Before I knew it, the company and people I love and did training for in the Florida Keys, needed me full-time or not at all. We ended the contract and the good-bye was bitter-sweet as I moved on from my life of seventeen years there. During this time I was … [Read More...]


Emra's story of raising her mentally challenged daughter


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